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Fisher Sewer pioneers in trench less sewer replacement. Not only are we the best we also guarantee the LOWEST PRICE. We promise to beat anyone’s legitimate written estimate. Here is a description of what we do. If you have any questions call us!

Free Video Inspection & Consultation

First we start out with a FREE video inspection of your sewer line.
The video inspection allows us to view the condition of your line or the cause of the obstruction. It allows us to see what material your sewer line is made of and if needs a repair or a replacement. Our camera allows us to pin point exactly where the problem is. It also tells us how deep the problem is.

At this point our technician will personally give you a FREE consultation as to how best to resolve the issue.

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We are completely confident in the work we do, customer satisfaction and what are customers have to say about us.

Starting the Trenchless Replacement

If you need the line to be replaced our crew will show up to your house and start out by cutting out 2 holes, one at the beginning of the line and the other at the end.The holes are typically 3 x 3 foot holes.

If the holes are being made in the grass, be assured that we will remove the grass as if it was sod. We do everything we can to maintain its condition, so that it will look just as good when it’s replaced.

If the holes are being made in concrete, we cut the hole as neatly as possible so that when we patch up the concrete it is done in a very neatly and in such way that you can hardly tell it has been patched. After the holes are dug, we place the dirt on tarps to maintain a nice and neat work space.

The next step is to connect a splitting head to the new HDPE piping. The splitting head attached to the new piping gets hydraulically pulled into your old pipe bursting the old pipe and being replaced with the new seamless HDPE pipe.

About HDPE Piping

HDPE stands for High Density Polyethlene Pipe. The pipe is made from a stress-relieved resin in order to prevent scale build up, cracking, brittleness or fatigue. It is also impervious to most aggressive chemicals and corrosive elements.

Controlled and extensive tests have shown that the HPDE pipe will generally outperform steel pipe in application for abrasion resistance. The smooth inner surface of the pipe allows for minimal resistance to the flow inside the pipe.

Since there are no seams and the pipe is as non porous as they come, there is no way that roots will be attracted to the line in order to try and penetrate it for a source of water. This pipe should outlast humans and it will be working for you just as good a hundred years from now as the day that it was first installed.

Finishing Up the Trenchless Pipe Replacement

At the end of the job, we connect and seal up the new HDPE pipe with the line coming out of the house and with the city lateral at the sidewalk. We install 2 clean outs with yard boxes, one at the beginning of the line and one at the end of the line. These clean outs allow for easy access in case something ever blocks the line again.

Our crew then replaces and compacts the dirt, neatly places the grass back or patches the hole in the concrete. We clean up any left over mess and rubble. Finally we leave everything, as it was when we arrived on the job. We are sure that you will hardly be able to tell that we were ever there to begin with.

Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Replacement

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Pipe Relining / Pipe Sleeving / Pipe Rehabilitation

Another procedure of new technology is called 3 different things. All 3 things mean the same thing, pipe relining, pipe sleeving or pipe rehabilitation. It basically means we’re making a thin plastic pipe inside the existing pipe making the pipe airtight. The new thin pipe made inside the existing old pipe forms a durable and flexible leak free pipe that will never give you problems again.

This procedure is more costly than the trenchless pipe replacement/hydraulic pipe bursting method.

The biggest differences between the two are that pipe relining can be done from one access point and the trench less sewer replacement needs 2 access points. Also pipe relining will push the new pipe all the way into the city sewer as to where the trench less sewer replacement only gets to the end of the homeowners property going only to but not through the city lateral and into the city sewer. Even though this pipe is in the city property, it is owned and maintained by the homeowner.

Not digging the street up makes this procedure a very cheap alternative from digging the street up. Some cities are now requiring only this procedure and will not allow the street to be dug up.

When we show up to the job we will dig approximately 3 x 3 square foot hole and then from this one point access, we are able to put in a soft liner. This liner is then saturated with the resin that will cause it to harden later. The liner is inverted into the existing pipe and with a compressed air machine, we blow out the liner all the way through to the city lateral.

The air pressure allows the liner to fit tightly against the existing pipe walls and it will cure and harden with in hours. The result is a renewed pipe with in a pipe that performs as reliably and a replaced line with 1/2 the digging.

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